We put our clients first, and we deliver nothing short of the finest quality tile and marble installations. Frank Favuzza, a master craftsman, built this business upon those promises, and today, Minuteman Tile & Marble holds true to them with every project. It is these two simple distinctions that have made us successful for more than 40 years.
"At every step, Minuteman Tile applied their insight to point us in the right direction. Their honest, educated approach and collaborative style put us at ease that the work would always be done right. They just plain get it."
T. R. of Wayland, three-time client
Our Services
The greatest value we provide comes with our experience. Over the life of the business, we've seen it all. With our trained insight, we create the best plan, avert challenges, quickly find the right solution and always keep a project moving in the right direction. Unlike most, our business owners are on the job every day to ensure the job is done right the first time. We've been getting our hands dirty for decades, and the result is an unmatched understanding for the materials and how to apply them.
We combine old-world techniques with an innovative approach. Every project is executed by hand to deliver true custom work. Every floor is done with a mud job, a traditional term for the thickset process commonly considered the gold standard in custom installation. It is a skilled technique that few have mastered and the only way to achieve a truly level surface.
"Minuteman Tile & Marble is my first and last stop for high-value work in those special assignments where the material demands classic skills and a superb quality finish. Old world experience and artistic sensibilities combined with an uncompromising obsession with perfection is a hallmark I have found only at Minuteman." Homeowner, Norwell, MA
As our clients' needs have matured, our services have evolved to focus on detail work and custom high-end installations. We manage both small and large projects, but whether we collaborate for days or months, we are equally invested in executing the best quality product.
Our Clients
We take great pride in our work, so it pleases us that the vast majority of our projects come through referrals from other happy clients and partners. The fine people with whom we work distinguish us. We have the great pleasure to collaborate with some of the leading contractors, architects and interior designers in the area, and our craftsmanship is featured in some of New England's most premier homes.
From the smallest to the largest, we consider every project a partnership. We collaborate closely with the contractor, architect, designer or homeowner to execute a plan and deliver on their vision. In the case of homeowners, we are adept at providing targeted counsel that takes their style and ensures it is applied properly to a job. And since we stay on top of the latest industry advances, we're prepared to make the key suggestions to ensure chosen materials are right for the home and help them avoid making costly mistakes.
We also know the value of flexibility. Our quotes are designed to meet our client's needs. We go the extra mile in order to build that sense of partnership with our clients. At the end of every project, we want you to recommend us to others and be confident they would get the same result.